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The Firstclasservice is an agency of car rental that works in Milan, offering services of great quality and prestigious car for any occasion, all cars rentend from Firstclasservice are complete with chauffeur and carry out escort service in the city and in the immediate vicinity. transfers to and from hotels, airports, railway stations or shows guided city tours with driver. Taxi service of quality at the transfers to and from hotels,the airports of Linate  and Malpensa, railway stations or shows guided city tours, and services for weddings and other special events and limousine service.

Milano Malpensa/Linate rent a car

airport-transfer-linate-malpensaAmong the many services of the Firstclasservice there is that dedicated to weddings, with rental of black car luxurious or Limousine; the wedding day for every woman is the most beautiful and important in life, arrive in church on board of a luxury car or even a limousine makes everything more magical and exciting. In order to have a service of this type contact with confidence to Firstclasservice, and you will not regret it.


Cheap Car Rental Milano

Every bride desires for his most beautiful day everything that more refined and exclusive exists, that is why the choice of renting a limousine is without a doubt one more reason to make the Bride even more satisfied and happy; moreover Firstclasservice will transport the bride in perfect time and in maximum comfort, dispel the myth that brides are always late.

On the occasion of his marriage to rent a luxury car is also useful for the purposes of the Photographic Service of the ceremony the bride can be photographed at his arrival while drops from a limousine, this detail gives the event a allure of refined elegance and a touch of fairy tale. Moreover the bride and the guests can pose together using the rental car as the predominant element also for many other photos.

In order to be able to have a limousine with driver or other luxury car in the day of his marriage addressing Firstclasservice it is necessary to enquire with advance on the availability of the car you want to do this is to simply call the agency that will provide the necessary information and support with professionalism and courtesy. Firstclasservice has its headquarters in Milan and is available to accompany and resume the clientele at ceremonies of various type and weddings.

If your wedding is imminent and you have not yet thought with which car to go to church Firstclasservice calls, the agency will solve your problem with rapid efficacy noleggiandovi a car prestigious and convenient at competitive costs, complete with driver and for all the time that will be required. Firstclasservice is a guarantee in the compartment of the Car Rental Milan, for all travel fast and comfortable rely to drivers of Firstclasservice and its luxury car.

Car luxury rental Milano

447573-200Interpret the luxury and prestige , the convenience and comfort through the elegant presence of a limousine, is the one that offers the Firstclasservice, that among the many services of car rental of high profile offers the exclusive car dedicated to the great events, full service driver that will make any evening even more refined, in addition to being able to take advantage of a means of transport convenient, and richly equipped.

The Limousine is a car from particular bodywork, dedicated to all those worldly occasions where it is necessary to use a car with high prestige; The Limousine is similar to classic hatchbacks but with the bodywork of very lengthened, this car inside is very spacious with three rows of seats, can bring up to six people, this detail depends on the model.

The limousine is the car par excellence

Moreover the limousine is equipped always leather accents or other precious materials, inside the car there is a fridge-bar, a table to work to your pc or to make snacks, a television, telephone, stereo system and the partition between driver and passengers which if necessary can be closed to ensure privacy inside the passenger compartment, some models are also armoured vehicles.

The limousine is the car par excellence of the great star of the show, businessmen of politicians, now thanks to the car rental is accessible to anyone who wants to appear using a means of transport so chic, the Limousine is rentable for tourism, for weddings, for parties and for all the sumptuous celebrations.

Firstclasservice:  the winning choice

If you are in need of renting a limousine the Firstclasservice is the winning choice, with its services of car rental in Milan is among the first agencies to put at the disposal of the guests luxury car for every occasion, complete with driver; the limo Firstclasservice

Those arriving for the first time Milan has the need to move quickly, to visit the city without wasting time, without getting lost and without the use of public transport, lenses and uncomfortable; here is that in this case may come into play Firstclasservice with its fast cars, elegant and the presence of the driver who knowing well the city will lead the customer wherever there is something interesting to see or do.

Luxyry car rental Milano

Firstclassservice puts at your disposal a fleet of high profile, fast and subjected to a careful periodic maintenance, the choice is wide for every customer requirement, it goes from Lancia Thema, Audi A6, the Mercedes350 and V250 and finally to so luxurious Limousine for the big occasions to Milan. A car for every need, event or taste of the customer that will be followed up in a personalised and attentive staff Firstclassservice.


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